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ZAG Academy League

Here follows a basic break down of how the ZAG Academy league functions.

The league will be run in 2 portions (Splits as they are called in esports)

  • Alpha Split

  • Beta Split


The Alpha Split will start at the beginning of the year and all teams will be placed into one large group for each title. The main function of the Alpha Split is to determine skill levels of various teams/athletes and rank them accordingly.

From the Alpha Split we will form a 1st Division and a 2nd Division group to compete in the Beta Split. The 1st Division will feature the top 10 teams from the Alpha split. The 2nd Division will feature all the other teams. After 10 weeks the top 3 teams from the 2nd Division will play elimination matches against the bottom 2 teams in the 1st division. If a 2nd division team manages to win against both 1st division teams they will move up to the 1st division. If a 1st division team loses against 2 or more 2nd division teams they will drop down to the second division.

From this point there will be 4 rounds of finals held to determine the final placements of all the teams in each division.

After the grand finale the prizes for the ZAG Academy league will be sent out and the league will reset for the next year.

It is within the ZAG Academy League that students will have the chance of playing in true professional fashion. Some games will be casted every week and all elimination and final matches will be guaranteed casting. We will stream this on the ZAG Academy streaming platforms and submit highlights to various other media sources.

There will be an article released on a weekly basis on the ZAG Academy Facebook page to summarise all the matches and standings as well as highlight some of the events are worth mentioning.

There will also be other annual prizes given to outstanding performances.

Annual prizes will consist of:

  • MVP of the year (Best player of the year for each title)

  • Most Improved player (Player who improved the most during the Beta Split compared to the Alpha Split in each title)

  • Best IGL (Best In-Game Leader for all team titles)

  • Mr/Miss Tiltproof (The player who always remained cool and calm under pressure even when faced with a likely loss – for all titles)

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