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A full house esports service provider

At ZAG Academy, we still turn normal gamers into athletes, but we have evolved into so much more within the African and international esports ecosystem.

ZAG Academy was founded in 2017 by international esports industry experts. Combined, they have experience in all facets of esports, from being an athlete to handling international administration, athlete management, and much more. ZAG Academy has grown into a comprehensive service provider to support the esports ecosystem.

Our coaching service still forms the core part of our business and our mission remains the same: to build the esports ecosystem into a better place for all who choose to be a part of it.

ZAG Academy now has several additional offerings from tournament and media management to educational services and products.

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Online coaching

Our coaching modules have been fine-tuned over the past 3 years and we continue to use the best players as coaches. Allowing the next generation of esports athletes to directly benefit from their hard earner experience and knowleedge.

Support services

We provide a variety of support services to individuals and organizations, such as schools, entering the esports space. Our services range from administrative support and procurement services to media management

Tournament organisation

While going international we have added being a tournament organizer and manager to our expanded list of offerings. Watch this space for some exciting things coming soon!

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Why ZAG Academy

We’re committed 

to building a better industry for all involved. We strive to improve opportunities for players, organisations and businesses within the esports space.

For the players

We focus on providing opportunities not only to become a better esports athlete, but also to achieve scholarships

For Organisations

We provide a curated support service to ensure all your esport needs are met. We provide a complete A to the Z service offering.

For businesses

We form strategic partnerships to not only to get you the best exposure possible but also to ensure it is socially responsible and beneficial to everyone involved.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“ZAG Academy has used a measured approach with our learners, allowing different players to reach set objectives in a time frame that was workable for the team as well as the player. ZAG Academy reacted well to instruction to press the teams to work hard in achieving goal that where set for them, while keep exam and test schedules in mind.

ZAG Academy have gone the extra mile on many occasions to ensure that the e-Sport player, team and our school get what they subscribed for.”

From our schools

“I have definitely benefitted from the ZAG Academy program. I have become more skilled as a player and learned how to work and communicate with my team. I have made friends with people at my school who I never would’ve met if it was not for the ZAG program at my school.

I have applied to university and ZAG was with me the entire way to help me gain a scholarship. 

I would recommend ZAG to all my friends and on many occasions I have.”

From our players

“ZAG Academy has been an insightful partner into the industry. We leaned a lot on the experience of the founders of ZAG when we were looking at getting involved in the industry.

ZAG achieved our metrics and overshot expectations on delivery.”

From our partners


to keep up to date and to see what comes next!

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